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If you are looking for a review of the best artificial grass in the UK, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best artificial grass types on the market, to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your garden.

Below, in the table, the artificial grass reviews start with the most highly rated first, then descend accordingly. For people who are in a hurry, you can use the table. For people who want a more in-depth review, you can scroll further down the page, where we provide all the pros and cons for each.


Best Artificial Grass Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Preston 6mm Pile Height Artificial Grass
Weight 5.92 kg
Thickness 6 mm
Special feature UV Protection
Luxury Artificial Grass Mat
Weight 38.5 kg
Thickness 30 mm
Special feature Drainage Holes
Berlin 26mm Pile Height Artificial Grass
Weight 26.6 kg
Thickness 26 mm
Special feature Pet friendly
Luxury 30mm Pile Height Artificial Grass
Weight 10.5 kg
Thickness 30 mm
Special feature Latex Blocking
GardenKraft 26070 Carpet Artificial Grass
Weight 5.3 kg
Thickness 15 mm
Special feature Realistic Texture

The 10 Best Artificial Grass On The Market Reviewed

#1 The Best Artificial Grass - Preston 6mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

Coming first on this top 10 best artificial grass ranking of ours is the Preston Artificial Grass.

Known to be a false grass with a beautiful look, a quality backing and high performance, this is the best artificial grass you can find anywhere in the market.

Made of the most quality fibre material, it is very soft, reliable and durable.

the best artificial grass

Products Specifications

  • The thickness of this artificial grass is 6mm
  • Comes as a lead-free artificial grass
  • Has a total weight of about 840 GSM
  • There are drainage holes and it does not require any sand fill.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The quality backing, ease of maintenance and great feel of this artificial grass are the main reason among many others why many users like this artificial grass. The very affordable price to quality ratio is also another reason as well.

Standout Features

The standout features of the Preston Artificial Grass includes:

  • Has a very quality backing: With the backing of an artificial grass always responsible for the softness and durability of the grass as a whole, it is always vital to go for quality ones. This particular artificial grass has a very high-quality backing.
  • The Pet-friendly nature of this artificial grass is also another feature that stands it out from other artificial grass in the market. This makes it one of the best Astroturf for dogs in the market today.
  • Has an impressive pile of about 1.5 inches
  • Comes with a polyurethane rug and has drainage holes also.
  • It is UV resistant and comes with quality multi-tone.
  • Quite very difficult to have it tacked and comes a bit rough.
  • Cutting this artificial grass is not easy.

When looking out for a leading industrial artificial grass, look no further than our 2nd pick on this list which is none other than the Luxury Artificial Grass Mat.

Known to be made by a very reputable Belgium company, this right is known to have a premium blend, a quality fibre material and attractive colours.

It also has an artificial grass underlay drainage that helps keep the garden Astroturf clean always.


Products Specifications

  • Has 100% UV protection
  • The total weight of this artificial grass is 1950 GSM
  • It is about 30 mm thick and pet-friendly
  • There are drainage holes, and no sand fill is required.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Reading through many reviews and ratings of customers who have purchased this particular artificial grass, we have discovered that the price is the main reason why people like it. Its quality backing, and water resistant nature are other reasons why people like it.

Standout Features

The standout feature of the Luxury Artificial Grass Mat includes:

  • The water Resistant Latex backing of this artificial grass is a stand out feature that helps to prevent it from being wet. This latex backing also prevents it from wear and tear. When thinking to buy grass that is suitable for gardens, landscapes and the likes, this is the best artificial grass.
  • Quality is assured with a pile of 1 1/3 inches
  • Available in different sizes that you can choose from.
  • Has multi-tone blades and rubber backing
  • Comes with drainage holes and at an affordable price.
  • This artificial grass is known to fade off easily
  • Gets quite uncomfortable especially when it is hot.

The Berlin artificial grass is a very soft grass that offers a natural look.

It is our 3rd pick here because of its attractive colour and fibre material quality. 

Offering a firm look on the surface it is placed, this artificial grass still doesn't lose touch on its softness.

Coming mostly in 2 shades of green, this grass as enjoyed increased purchase in the market today.


Products Specifications

  • This artificial grass is fully UV stabilised
  • Has a total weight of about 1428 GSM
  • It is about 26 mm thick with drainage holes

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The softness of the Berlin artificial grass makes it pet-friendly and suitable for children. This is the main reason why people like it. Also, coming into shades of green, it can be used for a public purpose like sporting events among others.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Berlin Artificial Grass includes:

  • It helps to eliminate the problem if muddy footprints forever. The muddy footprint is a significant challenge people face especially with carpet and rugs. This makes them have to mop or clean the carpet or grass regularly. With the Berlin artificial grass, you do not have to worry about again.
  • Made of fibres with the polyethene and polypropylene material
  • This artificial grass as drainage holes and is quite very soft in feel
  • Comes with blade's that have about four tones
  • This grass heats up quickly and is limited in variations

The GardenKraft 26070 Artificial grass is the best for garden and football like pitch.

With the GardenKraft artificial grass, you do not have to worry about cutting grass or having mud patches any longer.

It comes available in different colour blades and artificial grass fixing pins and a reasonable let that makes it comfortable underfoot.


Products Specifications

  • Comes as a mix of different colour that produces a nice grass effect
  • The pile measures about 15mm and has heavy double stitching
  • Offers 100 per cent UV protection which prevents it from fading off
  • Has a very soft texture and suitable for areas where there is heavy traffic.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The fact that the GardenKraft artificial grass puts an end to cutting grasses or having mud patches is the main reason why people like it. Its perfect colour blend has also been a high talking point for this artificial grass as well.

Standout Features

The stand out features of the GardenKraft artificial grass includes:

  • It is a very versatile artificial grass, in that is ideal for many areas ranging from the soil to an Astroturf garden, roof terraces and even balconies of your homes. The idea is that this particular artificial grass helps you in transforming your space into something quite attractive.
  • It also offers you a UV guarantee that the artificial grass is well protected from ultraviolet rays making the grass very durable for as long as 5 years.
  • Offers excellent resistance to stain and mildew
  • Comes in different sizes and drainage holes to prevent it from being wet.
  • It is very soft and well protected from UV
  • This artificial grass is also flame retardant.
  • This artificial grass price is also quite exploitative.

Our 5th pick is the Luxury 30mm Pile Height Artificial Grass, and this is because of how soft and natural looking it is across all weather conditions.

Coming in about 3 different shades of green, this artificial grass comes in a brown curly fibre, and a thin shaped yarn which aids it firm stand when layered on your re-turf lawn or any part of the home.

Very easy to maintain artificial grass that is both pet-friendly and children friendly as well.


Products Specifications

  • Well stabilised and has UV protection
  • Has a total weight of about 1950 GSM
  • It is about 30 mm thick and has drainage holes
  • No sand fill required for this artificial grass, and it is suitable for children and pets.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

Both for personal or public use, everyone wants that luxury feel of excellence, and attractiveness at all times. This luxury feel is what this artificial grass offers, and that is by far the main reason why people like and purchase it.

Standout Features

The stand out features of this Luxury 30mm Pile Height Artificial Grass includes:

  • It has a very impressive grass flooring that allows users or customers alike to choose the size that they want from the quantity drop box. Some options are made available which includes the 1ft by 2m, 2ft by 2m and so on.
  • The natural look this artificial grass offers along with a high UV Stabilization is also another feature that stands it out from other artificial grass in the market and keeps it from wear and tear.
  • Different drainage holes and blades of 4 different tones.
  • Has very high resistance to UV
  • Very soft grass that doesn't release the strong odour.
  • Has a weak base and rug needs to be well tacked.

The Petgrow artificial synthetic grass is known for its high standards for quality and sustainability among others.

The artificial grass enjoys the excellence that has been established by the brands over the years which is one that has made it a leading brand.

With quality and reliability placed on the fire front by this brand, the artificial grass it offers is one that is definitely worth the buy.


Products Specifications

  • There is the presence of drainage holes and rubber backing
  • It is non-toxic and suitable for all environment types
  • Has a length of about 12mm
  • Useful as a DIY decoration for Fence Backdrop

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The eco-friendliness of this artificial synthetic grass is the main reason why people like this particular artificial grass. Other reasons why people like it is because of the quality of the grass and backing as well.

Standout Features

The stand out features of the Petgrow artificial synthetic grass includes:

  • It is made up of a premium quality material: The brand generally is one of superior quality, and so is the artificial grass that it offers. This artificial grass is made up of high-quality fibre materials and advanced yarns that are UV resistant. This materials also have backings made from durable latex materials.
  • The Petgrow artificial grass is also made up of high-density grass height that makes it environment-friendly both to children as much as it is to pets. It offers a 4 tone soft pattern that gives it a very soft look and feels the same way as a natural grass for all the enjoyment that you need.
  • Allows you to save up some money as you do not need to mow, water or spray to use.
  • Best for professional and personal use alike
  • 100% natural and safe for all environment types.
  • Offers you a comprehensive UV protection warranty that lasts up to 11 years.
  • Though quality, a lot can be done about the price to make it more affordable.

The Premier artificial grass makes it as our 7th pick because if it's versatility of use both in the home and for public purposes as well.

The cost-friendliness of this artificial grass compels many people to it as it is not just affordable, but its affordability does not in any way affect its performance, sustainability and reliability.

With a lot of amazing features, this artificial grass is friendly to pets as well as children offering them a very soft surface upon which they can play and relax.


Products Specifications

  • 100% UV stabilised and protected
  • Has a total weight of about 2750 GSM and doesn't require any sand fill
  • It is about 40 mm thick and has drainage holes to keep it dry.
  • Suitable to all environment both for pets and children.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The price to quality ratio of this artificial grass is the main reason why people like it. With several amazing features possessed by more high artificial grass, this particular one comes at a very affordable price. The softness and ease of placement are other reasons why people like this artificial grass too.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Premier artificial grass includes:

  • Top Notch Backing: The backing of this artificial grass is one of the best in the market which makes it very durable for a long while. With the backing provided for this artificial grass, there is no cause to worry about wear and tear. However, this backing makes it very difficult and expensive to maintain the artificial grass.
  • Very Easy to Place, Cut and Shape: In placing, cutting and shaping this artificial grass, you necessarily don't need the service of anyone. Cutting and shaping this artificial grass can be done quickly and effectively by yourself.
  • Well protected from ultralight which keeps it natural for a long while.
  • Very soft to use and easy to maintain as well.
  • Made from a very quality fibre material and a very durable backing
  • The presence of drainage holes helps to keep it dry and odour free.
  • Its maintenance is very high and needs to be regular to keep its performance

Our 8th pick on this top 10 best artificial grass review is the Seville artificial grass.

With an impressive length and balance, you can trust this artificial grass for your outdoor activities or can be used over your garden.

It helps in giving surfaces that same natural look as you will get from a grass.

It is very soft and has a premium backing that is well protected and has UV backing.


Products Specifications

  • Impressive UV stabilisation and protection
  • Eco-friendly for both children and pets
  • It has a total weight of about 1425 GSM and a thickness of about 15 mm
  • This artificial grass comes with drainage holes and does not require sand fill.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The colour and blend of this artificial grass is the main reason why people like and choose it above much other artificial grass in the market. Coming in various sizes, its versatility of use also contributes to the reason why people like it as well.

Standout Features

The stand out features of the Seville Artificial grass includes one:

  • The Quality Fibre Material Used: This artificial grass is made up of the polyethene fibre material which is of a top quality. This material makes it very soft and gives it that quality feels that is suitable for all weather condition and everyone including children and pet.
  • The Non-toxic nature of the grass: On design, as well as subsequent maintenance, this artificial grass is a non-toxic one. No preservatives whatsoever were added to keep its colour which allows it to offer the same natural feel a grass offers.
  • One of the best artificial grass for outdoor activities.
  • Very easy to cut, shape and fix as well.
  • Offers a low cost of maintenance that is very easy to effect at any time.
  • If not properly maintained, it tends to produce a strong odour after some time.

Our 9th pick is the Oypla Artificial Grass which is an artificial grass mat.

Made from a quality water-resistant backing, this artificial grass has many drainage holes that keep it dry. This, in turn, makes it very durable while appearing attractive always. 

This artificial grass is not only suitable for all pets and children, but it is also straightforward to clean and maintain.

With UV protection assured, you can make use of this artificial grass for any weather kind.


Products Specifications

  • Comes with a two-layer backing that is water resistant
  • Drainage holes are included, and it is UV stabilised
  • It has a pile height of 17 mm and can be easily cleaned
  • Has a dimension of about 6ft by 3ft

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The more water goes into an Astroturf lawn, the more the artificial grass is likely to get damage or smelly. However, the water-resistant backing that this artificial grass has helped to prevent this and that is the main reason why people like this artificial grass.

Standout Features

The stand out feature of the Oypla artificial grass includes:

  • Top Quality Water Resistant Backing: The top quality water resistant backing is the most outstanding feature of this artificial grass. This feature helps to know the artificial grass dry at all times and prevents odour.
  • The versatility of Use and Placement: The Oypla artificial grass is also known for its versatile placement and use. It can be placed in the home, in your garden, patios or your playing ground for your children as well as your pet.
  • Very easy to place, use and maintain
  • Quite affordable and reliable for any weather condition.
  • There is no comprehensive warranty plan provided for this artificial grass.

The Sumc artificial grass is a synthetic turf that is made from the best materials.

It appears like natural grass and is known for its performance as it offers a smooth grassy surface that is suitable for kids and pets.

It can also be used for other sporting activities like baseball, football, hockey and the likes.

It can be placed in homes, restaurants, clubs and many outdoor areas.


Products Specifications

  • Fantastic UV protection
  • Eco-friendly for all outdoor activities
  • It has a total weight of about 1470 GSM and a thickness of about 13 mm
  • Comes with smart technology drainage holes and does not require sand fill.

The Main Reason Why People Like It

The smart technology drainage that is provided for by this artificial grass is the main reason why people like it. The ease of maintenance and versatility of this artificial grass are other reasons why people like and purchase it.

Standout Features

The stand out features of the Sumc Artificial Grass includes:

  • The Multi-Purpose nature of the Artificial Grass: This artificial grass offered by Sumc is a multipurpose and can be used anywhere from patios to your lawns and every other place you so desire.
  • The Quality Warranty that comes with it: This artificial grass offers a warranty to its customers that allows them to return the artificial grass if any defect is detected. You are also allowed to make a return if you are not satisfied with the grass. However, all return must take place within 90 days of purchase, and it is free.
  • It has a fantastic UV protection that prevents it from fading in sunlight
  • It can be easily maintained as you can take off specks of dirt by either shaking, sweeping or vacuuming.
  • It enhances the aesthetics of your ways by adding colour to it
  • Offers a smart drainage technology to keep it dry all the time to prevent odour.
  • The price of this artificial grass remains a significant challenge that turns people away from it.


It is almost not possible to call a particular artificial grass the best for everyone. This is because many factors if taken into consideration makes everyone's desire for a fake grass garden different. Also, the place where the rugs are to be installed is also another factor that comes to place when concluding on artificial grass is the best. This is because an artificial rug that is best for outdoor use might not be good enough if used indoors. Also, the best indoor false grass might also not be suitable for outdoor use.

Notwithstanding these differences, there is artificial grass that when used on fake lawns or fake turfs, they are known for their high performance and attractive appearance. Our top picks which is the Preston 6mm pile height artificial grass for gardens that can be recommended in that regards. With all the of the necessary information needed when buying the best artificial grass for sale, considering the artificial grass suppliers and where to buy artificial grass are other factors to be considered.

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Artificial Grass Buying Guide

The artificial grass feels more like an imitation grass, and as such, it is critical that you as a buyer is well informed when buying one. Going through some artificial grass reviews and what customers are saying about the best Astroturf for sale, we decided to provide you with a buying guide. This buying guide aims at helping you pick the best fake grass for the garden, plastic grass or Astroturf grass. Make sure to read through this buying guide to help pick not just the best artificial grass, but the best for you and the purpose for which you need it for.

The Pile of the Artificial Grass:

When buying an artificial grass, it is always indispensable that you pay attention to the pile of the grass to be sure it suits the purpose it is needed for. Paying attention to the pile also helps you to be sure that it suits where it is to be installed. The question here is what precisely the pile of the artificial grass is? The shape and length of the artificial grass mat are what is referred to as the pile.

There is however a presumption that it is always best to go for longer fibres because they are proven to be better. While this is true, the need for the artificial grass is what should decide the length of the fibre you look out for. If the artificial grass is needed for home use to be laid on fake lawns or turfs, then you might want to go for the ones with shorter fibres. On the other hand, if you need the artificial grass for public use like a show or an event, then you might like to go for ones with longer fibres.

​Types of Artificial Grass Pile

There are different types of artificial grass pile ranging from the short and curly ones to the longest and straight ones.

1. Short and Curly Pile:

The short and curly pile types of artificial grass, are usually those with the least quality. There are many times not always up to an inch, and when they do exceed it, at most, you will find them at 1 1/4 inches in height. This kind of artificial grass because of its height, tend to remain flattened to the ground and curly. While this kind of artificial grass is not always recommended, you can still go for them especially when you have to cover a tiny area, or you need artificial grass with short height. It is important to note that the short and curly pile types usually have poor aesthetics so if you want something beautiful, then you will need to look beyond them.

2. Long and Straight Pile:

When it comes to excellent design and performance, the long and straight pile types are a better option than the short and curly ones. With a standard height between 1 3/8 inches to 1.5 inches, they are more attractive and versatile. Artificial lawn grass with this pile type is usually more affordable than the premium artificial grass for sale. From a distance, you can have a view of the attractive design of this plastic grass pegs. The closer you get to this file type, the more uniform it begins to get.

Consider the Height of the Artificial Grass:

No doubt, the height of the artificial grass goes a long way in determining its quality. Manufacturers think that artificial grasses that have taller fibres are said to be more qualitative than those with shorter fibres. However, when buying artificial grass, it is essential that you are aware of some general standard that defines the heights of every false grass. First is that virtually all types of artificial grass have piles that are more than above 1 inch. Then, very few artificial grasses have a pile that is above 2 inches. The very few artificial grasses that have a pile that is above 2 inches tend to look unkempt very easily.

The Blend of the Artificial Grass:

In choosing the best synthetic grass for you, you will need to consider the blend of the grass. The ones with the highest grade, usually come as a blend of both the curly and straight piles. 


You might be wondering why you need to go for a fake grass roll that combines both the features of a shirt and curly pile with that of a long and straight one. The first advantage of this is that you will be able to have an enhanced look that feels more natural to onlookers when they stand from afar off and even as they take steps closer to inspect the false grass.

The Color of the False Grass:

Everyone has a colour that appeals to them when the false grass to be gotten is for personal use. However, when you are getting coloured artificial grass for public use, you will have to consider the colour that goes well with the purpose for which it is to be used. When buying artificial grass to be laid on a fake lawn to give it a natural look, you need to go for a very quality colour. However, if all you need is a pet-friendly artificial grass or fake grass for dogs, you can overlook this consideration.

The Quality of the Fibre:

The pile which is the height of the artificial grass is one of two factors that much attention is to be paid too when getting an artificial grass. The other factor which is also very important is the quality of the fibre.

In determining the quality of an artificial grass fibre, you will need to have an understanding of different types of fibres and the materials they are made up of.

1. The Polypropylene Fibre:

This is the lowest quality fibre that any artificial grass can have. Though of deficient quality, this fibre type has a very nice finish. Asides from its finish, it also has a natural lustre with a crystal-like appearance. Much artificial grass is being made up of this fibre material type because of its stiffness and prickly feel.


2. The Polyethylene Fibre:

Polyethene fibre is a slight upgrade on the polypropylene fibre even though they both share similarities in many ways. However, users who go for artificial grass with this fibre material type for their lawns go for it when they need it for specific purposes. Known to be UV resistant, it has a better response than any other fibre material type. It is not too soft neither is it too strong, but it is very pliable.

3. The Nylon Fibre:

This is regarded as the best fibre type to look out for when buying artificial grass. Regarded as the softest fibre type, it allows for a soft touch and feel and can be easily maintained. It also stands itself out in terms of durability from every other fibre material type. The limitation of the nylon fibre is it's not so UV and water resistant. In maintaining this fibre, you have to make use of the best brush for artificial grass.

The Backing of the Grass:

Another factor to consider when buying artificial grass or Astroturf grass is the backing of the grass. The backing of the grass helps in determining how reliable for use the artificial grass is, as well as its durability level. When considering the backing to go for, you also have to know how wet you want the artificial grass to be, and how firm the surface should be. Once the artificial grass feels soft, wet and firm to you, then you can be sure that you are going for the best artificial grass for you. There are two basic types of backing, and they are the Urethane and Rubber backing.

The urethane material is very common to some artificial grass and can be found easily. The ease of access to the urethane material has been because of its durability and ability to handle more weight than other material types. Backings made from the Urethane material are also very much resistant to water which keeps them clean and in place for a long while.

The rubber material, on the other hand, is not a common backing material type like the urethane. The feel of the rubber material is the significant difference between it and the urethane material. Artificial grass with rubber makings usually feels softer than those made of the urethane material. This makes it more comfortable to sit and step on than the urethane material. When looking out for the best artificial grass for dogs, it is best to go for backing with the rubber material.

Understanding the jargons:

UV, as used in this artificial grass review, means ultraviolet resistance. AstroTurf means a replacement which is more of an artificial grass that is used to cover an area, especially for sporting events.

What are the different features?

When getting artificial grass, it is necessary to know some of the features people find handy after taking note of the buying guide. From the many customer reviews on Astroturf for gardens, the features people find handy include:

The Artificial Grass Color: Everyone has a thing or the other for colour especially when that colour is one they can relate to one way or the other. While green colour has been the most common especially for Astroturf gardens, people still love the many other colours that artificial grass comes in.

The Ease of Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the artificial grass is what keeps it in the best condition? How do you maintain a false grass regularly when it has a high maintenance cost? From the artificial grass pegs to the artificial grass brush to be used, everyone wants an artificial grass that is very easy to maintain.

Artificial Grass Buying FAQs

Q: Where do I get the best DIY artificial grass?

A: With a good knowledge of what you want, taking into consideration all the factors to consider when buying an artificial grass provided for above, buying becomes easy. You can work in an online store to get one. Amazon, however, remains the best online store to get your DIY artificial grass.

Q: Is it possible to get an underlay for artificial grass?

A: Most artificial grass especially when you are buying from a quality brand, always provide an underlay for the particular artificial grass as well. This is between because it will fit well for the artificial grass you are buying. It is however very possible to get an underlay separately, but it is always best to make use of the one that comes with the artificial grass purchased.

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