10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 2020

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Are you looking for a bathroom extractor fan? We’ve got you covered with our list of best bathroom extraction fans. We share top-rated appliances designed to remove unwanted moisture, humidity, and odour from your bathroom.

These bathroom extractor fans will also help keep yucky algae films from your tiles and prevent the spread of mould. Do you need any other reason to blow steam off your bathroom?

Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

Top 10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Reviews In 2020

The best bathroom extractor fans is the 100mm Extractor Fan Outlet By Airflow. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Airflow iCON ECO is reasonably priced and best-rated. Buyers will be assured that the fan meets current building regulations and utilises 9.2 watts. One of the best things about this product is you can add various types of cover-plates to match your bathroom’s decor. It also fits flush with the wall or ceiling, keeping it a discreet addition to the bathroom.

The fan has a high quality iris shutter that keeps air from blowing back into the bathroom and the basic unit works best by switch duct. You can add plug-in modules for best additional features like pull cord operation, runs on a timer, motion sensors, continuous running, delay start, and variable speed. This bathroom extractor fan humidity sensor module is actually one of the best extractor fans in the UK.

100mm Extractor Fan Outlet By Airflow

This product includes a set of screws and fixings needed for installation. However, If you have uneven walls or ceiling where you are installing it, we would best recommend using cantilever fixing lugs, which will allow easier installation job on these uneven surfaces. To give you peace of mind, this Airflow iCON comes with a three-year warranty included for the best customer experience.

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  • This bathroom fan extractor has a low profile and coloured plates.
  • It has a three-year damage warranty for the best customer experience.
  • It can best fit to the wall or ceiling.
  • High-standard product with a unique iris shutter.
  • Discreet design that is easy to install. 
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Additional features require additional purchase.
  • This product is suitable for smaller spaces which is a bit disapointing.

Second place goes to the Mixed Flow in Line Extractor Fan By VENTS. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This extractor model will save you the drama of dealing with or trying to control hot and humid air in your home, office, or workspace. And if for any reason there are undesirable odours in your home, you can expect this appliance to create room for fresh air to flow into the room.

Its is lightweight and will fit a solid or flexible ducting of 100 metres or four inches. This machine offers excellent performance with an extraction airflow rate of up to 187 cubic mph and a high-pressure mixed flow impeller. With a sound level of 27 decibels, you can be sure of less noisy exhaust.

Mixed Flow in Line Extractor Fan By VENTS

What’s more, it can be loft mounted so that you can place it at the most suitable and convenient location. It comes with two power settings which can be selected during installation. It is possible to get a high or low speed depending on the terminal you connect the device’s live cable.

  • With maximum wattage of 33, this model will keep your electricity bills low.
  • It provides the option to wire your device to a high or low speed, depending on your need.
  • Installation requires wiring, which can get a bit difficult for those with no knowledge on the subject, so an electrician might be needed.

Third place goes to the Bathroom Extractor Fan By Envirovent. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Envirovent's Bathroom Extractor Fan is a well-regarded bathroom extractor fan suitable for bathrooms and toilets. One of the reasons this product made it to our review list of the best extractor fans is because it won the 2013 Quiet Mark award for its low sound output of 26 decibels and an extremely low wattage of 8.

Operation is simple—The silent fan turns on and off with the light button, as do most basic fans. The envirovent add a built-in back extractor fan humidistat shutter, as with similar appliances, which comes as standard to help keep heat in the house.

Bathroom Extractor Fan By Envirovent

Finally, the timer function on the envirovent silent fan requires a permanent live, switched live, and neutral connection. Anyone with only two of three of these required insulated wires will not be able to add the timer function. Installed properly, the over-run timer can be set up to 30 minutes.

  • Price is reasonable.
  • Product can best fit to the wall or ceiling.
  • This model has a high flow rate (26 litres per second).
  • High-standard product with great performance
  • A nice extractor fan with over-run timer.
  • There is no stated warranty in case you need to replace it.
  • The timer function requires additional wiring.
  • The backdraught flaps on this product seem flimsy.

Fourth place goes to the Extractor Fan with Timer By Vectaire brand. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Vectaire A10/4T Extractor Fan is a reasonably priced fan on the market. The product comes with an over-run timer but is only available in white. Operation is simple - you can control it by turning it on and off using the light button, as with most standard fans. When the light is turned off, the extractor fan continues to run on the timer for a preselected amount of time.

A notable point is that this product has an extraction rate of 27 litres of water per second! Finally, it works with a wattage of 15 (which is quite high and has a slightly higher noise level than competitors, sitting at 41 decibels.

Extractor Fan with Timer By Vectaire
  • Solid extraction rate.
  • Product comes at a reasonable price.
  • The product can best be loft mounted on walls and ceilings.
  • A nice extractor fan with an over-run timer.
  • Relatively higher energy consumption versus other highly-rated fans.
  • Noise levels on this product is higher than your average fan.

Fifth place goes to the Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer By Manrose. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating

The Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan is a best-seller in its category on Amazon and a great option if you are on a budget. Manrose was chosen by Amazon because of its top reviews and high demand. To become a best seller on Amazon requires that manrose must be of a good standard.

The manrose qf100t quiet extractor comes with a timer for use when away; manrose overrun timer can be adjusted between one to thirty minutes (which is really good compared to other fans of a similar price). Another reason why the Manrose qf100t quiet extractor fan is one of the best sellers is that manrose operates at a reasonably quiet 27 decibels, 60% less than comparably-sized fans. 

Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer By Manrose

Another notable point is that the qf100t quiet extractor fan includes a backdraught shutter to help keep the heat in your home. Manrose is efficient at extracting water, coming in at 21 litres per second. And finally manrose uses a low energy motor to help keep your bills down and save some money. The one bad thing about these bathroom fans is that they are not suitable for installing on windows.

  • Manrose is a quiet model.
  • Manrose is a fairly cheap product.
  • Manrose can be mounted to any wall
  • A nice extractor fan with timer.
  • Manrose is not suitable for window installation.
  • There is no stated warranty for manrose fan.

Sixth place goes to the 200W Bathroom Extractor By CATA brand. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Cata Bathroom Glass Extractor Fan is more expensive than the other extractor fans for bathrooms on our list meaning you'll spend more money on it. But, in a market that focuses mostly on functionality, this powerful extractor fan is built for both looks and performance. It will fit beautifully in your bathroom.

The design of the cover has a dark grey glass where the rest of the fan is made of top-grade plastic. Part of the offering includes a display informs the user of temperature and relative humidity. The humidity sensor detector range is between 40% to 90% humidity which comes in handy for knowing when to turn your fan on.

200W Bathroom Extractor By CATA

There is also a backdraught shutter available as an accessory, should you wish to have this as well. When cleaning, an additional tool is used to remove the glass front. Once it comes off you can also adjust settings here. It has two-speed settings, with a low wattage of 8, and has an over-run timer which can be set up to 15 minutes. Finally, the standard sound output is 31 decibels which is fairly quiet bathroom fan to choose for your standard household.

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  • This powerful extractor fan has an attractive design to match your interior décor.
  • Low power consumption product.
  • Easy to install
  • It can best fit to the wall or be ceiling mounted
  • High-standard product.
  • A nice extractor fan with timer.
  • Great performance
  • This product is significantly more expensive than other listed fans.
  • There is no stated manufacturers warranty.

Seventh place goes to the Energy Saving and Quiet Bathroom Extractor By VENTS brand. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Silenta Extractor Fan is one of the models that comes at a reasonable price on our review of the best extractors and offers great value for money. The product comes with a timer and is ideal for use in the wet areas of the home, namely the bathroom and toilet & shower areas. Operation is simple—it switches on and off with the light button, as do most standard fans.

This fan comes in a brilliant white finish and the over-run timer can be set from two to thirty minutes. A fan grille is built to optimise airflow and efficiency and control the noise level. While it is not a silent model, the noise level associated with this extractor fan is low.

Energy Saving and Quiet Bathroom Extractor By VENTS
  • It is a fairly cheap extractor fan.
  • It can best fit to the wall or ceiling mounted 
  • Easy to install
  • It has an efficiency-boosting fan grille.
  • High-standard product. 
  • Less noisy. 
  • A nice extractor fan with timer.
  • There is no stated manufacturers warranty.
  • It is a standard white fan.

Eighth place goes to the Modern Extractor Fan with Timer and Humidistat By Awenta. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Awenta Modern Extractor Fan WLS100H is a low cost bathroom extractor fan offering an over-run timer and humidity sensor. This model comes in a silver satin colour, making it a delightful and attractive fan that will fit right in.

The extractor fan protection (external plate) on this product is removable for easy cleaning, which you should do every so often with every fan. Finally, with a wattage of 14, it is slightly higher than average and is 100mm in size.

Modern Extractor Fan with Timer and Humidistat By Awenta
  • This bathroom extractor fan with humidistat sensor and timer is very affordable.
  • The extractor fan humidistat activates automatically, it’s sensitivity is adjusted by the user.
  • This product can best be mounted to the wall or ceiling 
  • High-standard product with great performance
  • Beautiful design.
  • Relatively higher energy consumption versus other highly-rated fans.
  • Product has no backdraught shutter.

Ninth place goes to the Bathroom Extractor with Timer By DOMUS. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Silavent SDF100TB Bathroom Extractor Fan is one of the best low-cost options for removing humidity in the bathroom and toilet in an efficient and powerful way. The square unit is 165mm x 165mm making ideal for mounting on a wall or ceiling. Window mounting requires additional hardware, the kit for which can be bought from Silavent.

Extraction wise, this product has an extraction rate of 20 litres/second using only 12 watts of power whilst doing so. Operation is simple—it turns on and off with the lights button, as do most standard fans. Finally, this product abides by 2010 Building Regulation standards and the unit comes with a two-year warranty which means it's the ideal shower or bath extractor fan. On a side note, if you are in the market for a bathroom extractor fan kit with a timer this one also checks that box!

Bathroom Extractor with Timer By DOMUS
  • The product boasts a two-year warranty.
  • Silavent is a known, reputed extractor fan manufacturer.
  • A nice extractor fan with timer.
  • Product has a great ducting system
  • It can be mounted easily on the wall, ceiling or window
  • Basic operations.
  • Not the most long-lasting product life.

Tenth place goes to the Silent Contour Extractor Fan By Xpelair. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Xpelair C4TS Simply Silent Contour Extractor Fan is a best seller in its category on Amazon. It has been in regular supply on Amazon. It is available in plenty of versions: standard type, with built-in humidistat fan and timer, with pull cord, and with a simple timer that you can set. Xpelair has a smooth external casing is easy to clean without the need for extra chemicals, equipment, and work.

The Xpelair simply silent contour extractor fan has two adjustable speed settings: 15 litres per second and 32 litres per second. The Xpelair fan has BEAB certification and comes with a two-year warranty. Your purchase will include the Simply Silent fan, an instruction manual, and required fixings. Xpelair is a very quiet bathroom extractor fan, quieter than most if not all silent bathroom extractor fans competing models, making it the perfect bathroom ceiling extractor fan.

Silent Contour Extractor Fan By Xpelair
  • This silent bathroom fan extractor is an affordable ventilation model.
  • Product comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It can be ceiling mounted in multiple areas.
  • Various vent models are available.
  • Despite its claims, people suggest that this air vent product is noisy. 

A Helpful Guide To Bathroom Extractor Fans

With so much steam flowing from an electric shower, using your electric shaver or bathroom scale can be next to impossible. The steam fogs the screen on your bathroom scale as well as your bathroom mirror.

Although a portable air conditioner can get rid of the steam, a bathroom extractor fan would be more powerful and efficient.

It is large and specially designed to draw out moist air from the bathroom. For smaller spaces such as cars, a small dehumidifier is a better option. We will guide you through choosing the best bathroom extractor fan for your home.

What To Consider Before Buying Your New Bathroom Fan

It’s easy to pick up the first product you come across, but that doesn’t mean it suits your bathroom. Here are some key things to consider as you search for a bathroom inline fan:

Capacity Based On Room Size

When selecting a bathroom inline fan, pick a product that has the capacity to work in your bathroom. This is measured in cubic foot per minute (CFM rating). CFM rating ranges from 50 to 110 and on average, most bathrooms require one cubic foot per minute of air movement per square foot. 50 CFM rating is the minimum ventilation level required in a standard bathroom, including those with less square footage.
Consider Before Buying Bathroom Extractor Fan

Extraction Rate Of Your Bathroom Fan

This refers to how much moisture the extractor fan can extract and is by far the most important feature of all. It is measured in Metres Cubed per Hour (m3/hr) or Litres per Second (L/s). Building regulations require all domestic bathroom extractor fans to remove 15L/s in an average bathroom.

Fortunately, a lot of 4-inch models on the market exceed this requirement. An appliance with a very high extraction rate may be tempting but its powerful nature is its bane, especially in a standard bathroom. This is because it can mess with the air pressure and leave your bathroom feeling like the North Pole. That's no way to enjoy a shower. 

Size Of The Bathroom Fans

Domestic bathroom extractor fans typically come in two sizes: 4 inch/100mm and 6 inches/150mm. A 4-inch product will fit your average bathroom while the 6-inch models are best suited for bathrooms that are bigger than nine metres squared, or if you have a large household and everyone uses the shower or bath in quick succession. Bathrooms with no natural ventilation or those that feel cold can use a 6-inch product.

Noise level - Some Can Be Very Noisy

Quiet extractor fans are simply more comfortable and preferable, even if you don’t mind a bit of noise here and there. Go for a product that produces no more than 30 dB. Any higher and it will drive you up the wall.

Specific Fan Efficiency (SPF)

SPF (Specific Fan Efficiency) is a parameter that checks the amount of electricity required to power an extractor fan while considering how much air is being driven out. A product with Low SFP efficiency reduces the power consumption which translates to lower power bills for you.

Energy Efficiency Rating

An energy-efficient product is eco-friendly and reduces power consumption, which is good for your pocket, right? Contrary to popular opinion, a large fan doesn’t necessarily consume more energy than a smaller unit, so don’t overlook a product because of its size. Check the rating on the manufacturer's specifications first.

Humidity Sensor

Bathroom extractor fans that feature built-in humidistat sensors detect moisture in the air. Once the humidity level in the bathroom reaches a certain threshold, the extractor fan automatically turns on or off, leaving the room free of condensation and odour. It saves you from manually flicking the switch and is suitable for households where family members forget to turn on the fan. Humidity sensors are becoming increasingly popular and several best extractor fans on the market include this feature, but in some cases, you may have to pay more money for it.

Back Draught Shutters (Needed In Windy Locations)

A back draught shutter helps prevent random gusts of cold wind from blowing back through the fan and into the bathroom. If the product you bought doesn’t have a shutter, simply buy one separately and have it installed it in the ventilation duct.

Over-run Timer

The over-run timer keeps the fan running long after you have turned it off to ensure all the damp air is eliminated. The settings for the over-run timer are usually configured during installation, and the time can range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Power consumption is low and on an average fan is likely to use around 8 watts. For proper ventilation, it’s advisable to lean towards the latter end.

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