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Whether you run a cafe, bagel shop, or preparing breakfast in your home kitchen, you know nothing beats a perfectly cut hot cream cheese covered bagel. But using the wrong tools can injure you or leave you with uneven bagels that everyone is going to complain about.

Our list of the best bagel slicer models will help you get through this task smoothly and brighten even the dullest of mornings.

Best Bagel Slicer Reviews

Best Bagel Slicers Comparison Chart

The 6 Best Bagel Slicers On The Market Reviewed

The best bagel slicer is the Carbon Steel Blade Bagel Slicer By Kitchencraft. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

This bagel slicer offers a fast and simple way to cut bagels. With a non-slip base, this bagel slicer makes use of a guillotine style cutting system to quickly and smoothly slice your bagels into two even parts.

This bagel is so easy to use and can chop bagels very quickly without too much pressure required.

This slicer is completely dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean. The blade is made from the finest stainless steel, which will chop through your bagels smoothly.

This model also boasts acrylic finger guides to protect your hands from the sharp blade whilst slicing the bagels. This is a great choice for easy and simple bagel slicing, but unfortunately it is not adjustable.

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Carbon Steel Blade Bagel Slicer By Kitchencraft

Second place goes to the Bagel Guillotine Slicer By Lifetime Brands. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Lifetime Brands Bagel Slicer is the simplest solution to slicing your bagels. Its design makes it very easy to use. The cradle holds the bagel in position. The XYLAN coated blade chops the bagel.

The acrylic safety shields guards your fingers against any accidental cuts. Not only bagels, you can even use the slicer to chop muffins, buns or any other rolls in half. But do consider that some different size roll cuts may not be even. Considering all things, the slicer is good to use but may struggle with some roll sizes.

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Bagel Guillotine Slicer By Lifetime Brands

Third place goes to the Bagel Biter Bagel Guillotine By Larien. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Simply put, this can be the world's best bagel slicer!

The Bagel Biter has an innovative design that allows clean, safe slices of bagels with every use. 

Stable and easy to use, this is certainly a must-have for all kitchen kings and queens, as well as the whole family.

Overall, this simple yet economical slicer will make provide the necessary accessibility in cutting the classic afternoon delight.

Bagel Biter Bagel Guillotine By Larien

Fourth place goes to the Hometown Bagel Knife By Urban Trend. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

With a touch of the old-fashioned and modern day innovations, the Urban Trend Hometown Bagel Knife is a compact, hand-carry slicer that packs a punch with every stroke. It does not only provide utility, but also gives reassurance of safety that is literally within reach. 

With a design that keeps the hands and fingers away from the blade, this knife can chop not just bagels but also baguettes, croissants, muffins and more. The stainless steel blade material ensures that it is of the topmost quality with safety as its biggest priority.  It has both plastic and stainless steel blade design that is unique.

More than that, this bagel knife is relatively easy to clean. More bagels to chop without the daunting task of cleansing and drying relentlessly!

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Hometown Bagel Knife By Urban Trend

Fifth place goes to the Large Bagel Holder By Norpro. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

This is perhaps the simplest of the bagel slicer reviews and is a perfect entry level bagel slicer.

Chic and stylish, this slicer allows you to test out manual bagel slicing without commit to an expensive model.

With a minimalist design, it is non-adjustable and requires you to use your own knife to chop your bagels.

Large Bagel Holder By Norpro

Sixth place goes to the Fruit And Bread Adjustable Cutter By Trudeau. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

This is a slightly more complicated, but still very popular bagel slicer. Made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, it is a stylish unit that is completely dishwasher safe.

The best feature of this fruit and bread cutter is that it is adjustable. It can be adjusted to a custom height meaning that you can even make multiple slices per bagel and if you are looking for multi-use kitchen gadgets, this cutter also works for other types of bread and even fruit. Something to keep in mind with this option is that it cuts horizontally, which is different from most of the bagel slicers in this article.

Fruit And Bread Adjustable Cutter By Trudeau

Bagel Slicers Buying Guide

With so much work and responsibilities in your hands, the last thing need you need is a hard time trying to make a quick snack. For this reason, every kitchen should have a toaster, bread maker, and sandwich toaster. There is one more necessity – a bagel slicer.

You can use an electric knife sharpener to make your knife sharp enough to cut through any food. However, cutting your bagel into even sizes with a knife and no special mechanism will be slow and difficult. An electric carving knife might get it right, but it will not be as perfect as the right bagel slicer. We will show you how to get the best model of bagel slicer.

How Do They Work

Bagel slicers come in two forms, you can get a less-common mechanical option or a manual bagel slicer. You place the bagel in the holder and the blade is guided through the bagel for a clean cut and an evenly sliced bagel.

Why You Need One

You might be thinking; why do I need a bagel slicer? Well, if you enjoy bagels, even casually, it’s a quick, easy and safe alternative to cutting it yourself without a guide. You could easily chop several bagels in a bagel slicer in the time it might take you to chop one. Bagel slicers also ensure that the bagel is evenly sliced, meaning that it toasts better and makes for better sandwiches.

Things to consider

How it works

When it comes to buying the best bagel slicer, one of the most important considerations is if it is automated or manual. With an automated bagel slicer, you need to think about how it is powered and how easy that will be to clean. The advantage of an automated version is that it is safer as your hand doesn’t come into contact with the blade at all.

If a manual option is the best bagel slicer for your needs, you can find plenty of options to suit your budget. Manual options are still easy to use and either act as a guide for your own knife or come with a blade to slice your bagel with.

The Blade

Now you have decided if you are looking for a mechanical or a manual option, you need to consider the blade that will be used to chop your bagel. If you have chosen an option that comes with a blade, you need to think if the blade is replaceable. Eventually the blade will dull and a replaceable blade means you can easy change one part without having to replace the whole unit. It is worth noting that bagel slicers that use a guillotine method are unlikely to be replaceable. Some units function as more of a guide so consider if you already have a good knife that will be used with the bagel slicer or if this is something you will need to purchase in addition to the bagels slicer.

How to Clean them

You’ve chopped your bagel and enjoyed it, now it’s time to do the cleaning. This isn’t anyone’s favourite part but it is certainly worth considering. The most important thing to look for when looking at bagel slicer reviews is to check if it is dishwasher safe. Of course not everyone has a dishwasher but if you do then checking if this item is dishwasher safe is very important.

Having the option to put it in the dishwasher certainly makes the slicer easier to use and if it is easy to clean you are likely to use it more. At the end of the day, no one likes to use gadgets or kitchen equipment that are fiddly or difficult to clean, so check if the whole slicer or even certain parts are dishwasher friendly to save yourself time and to make the most out of your new bagel slicer.


Not all bagels are created equal, so it is entirely possible that you might be cutting bagels of different thicknesses. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to see if the bagel slicer is adjustable. This is important because if you have bagels of vastly different sizes, an adjustable bagel slicer stabilizes the bagel, making for a cleaner cut.

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