The Best Central Air Conditioning Units Of 2018 Reviewed

Updated April 2018

If you lack an effective way of cooling your room, the days in the summer months may be hard on you.

They can be hot, humid, and simply too tough to endure, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you want to ensure your home is comfortable enough and convenient to reside during the summer months, then you are better off installing a central air conditioning system.

Fortunately, modern air conditioning systems are more durable, effective and environmentally friendly.

After scouring the market and looking at several models, we have come down to the best 3 models for your home.

Overview Of The Best Central Air Conditioning Units In 2018

The Best Air Conditioning Systems For Home Use Reviewed

This is a packaged central air conditioner that’s ideal for cooling and dehumidifying single rooms. It has a cooling capacity of 12000btu/hr and is recommended for use in rooms of up to 35msq. This air conditioner comes in a sleek white coloured body with a built in control panel. The control panel allows you to make any necessary settings and get quick views of the unit’s performance.

A remote control also makes it easy to make the necessary changes off board. Being a portable unit, it comes fitted with caster wheels to increase mobility. It also doesn’t need any special installation process to operate. The dehumidifier draws up to 50 litres of moisture from air making it a good choice for very warm and humid conditions.

The Amcor 12000 Btu air conditioner features a 3 speed turbo fan with sleep mode functionality. This gives you more control over the unit’s performance. The built in auto directional louvers help to disperse cooled air to different parts of the room. The refrigerant used in this air conditioning unit is R410A which is considered eco-friendly and offers excellent cooling.


  • Compact and highly portable design doesn’t need special installation process
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Space saving design makes it easy to use inside rooms


  • Emptying the water collection tank is difficult

One of the best home air conditioning systems, the ECO12P offers a cooling capacity of 12000 Btu/hr. It features a compact 40kg body with a sleek white finish. The body comes fitted with caster wheels for easy transportation.

Besides providing cool air, the ECO12P also acts as a heater providing warm clean air during cold winters. It offers 4 operation modes including dry, fan, cool and heat. A built in electronic LED display allows you to have a quick glance of the unit’s performance. The ECO12P is easy to operate thanks to the provided remote control. A built in 12 hour on/off timer with memory function makes it easy to customize this air conditioner’s operation.

Ease of operating this air conditioner if further enhanced by the 3 speed fan which gives you better control over the speed of cooling or heating it provides. Two features make the ECO12P one of the best home ac units on the market today. The first is a washable air filter which ensures that all air released into your rooms is free from dust and other particles. The second feature is the bucket less self evaporating water system which gets rid of collected moisture through evaporation. The ECO12P also uses R410A refrigerant to cool air.


  • Lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for use in small rooms
  • Easy to use and maintain with remote control, evaporating water system and 3 speed fan among other features
  • Built in washable filter ensures air released into rooms is clean


  • Not entirely self evaporating where draining water will be necessary in extremely humid conditions

The mission 70 from Midea is a mini split central air conditioning system that combines technology with efficiency. This air conditioning system has a rated cooling capacity of 7.0kW and a heating capacity of 7.62kW. The outdoor unit consists of a nail free front view cabinet which is easy to install. The indoor unit features a sleek and smooth curve design which blends in easily with your homes furniture and decor.

The outdoor unit features low ambient cooling functionality which automatically changes fan speed based on existing ambient temperature. Designed with easy operation and maintenance in mind, the Midea mission-70 air conditioning system features self diagnosis, auto protection and refrigerant leakage detection features which help to protect it from premature damage.

It’s also remote controlled to make it easy to make custom settings. Another feature that makes this one of the best central air conditioning units for your home is its Wi-Fi compatibility which allows you to connect and control it via your Smartphone.


  • Easy to install mini split air conditioning system
  • Easy to control and maintain thanks to features that automatically monitor performance
  • Wi-Fi connectivity option gives you better control over the air conditioner


  • It’s a bit pricey compared to competing air conditioners


We have come to the conclusion that the ECO12P is the best air conditioner. Being a packaged central air conditioner, it’s easy to install and use. All you need to do is plug it into your power outlet to run it. The air conditioner also includes unique features not found on other units such as the washable air filter. This cleans air before it’s released into room. Also, you won’t need to replace the filter very often since you can wash and reuse it. The bucket less water evaporating system also makes the unit easy to operate since you won’t need to keep emptying a water collection tank.

We also liked the 12 hour on/off timer with memory function which makes the unit easy to operate. The timer enables the unit to automatically switch on regardless of whether you’re around or not. The memory function enables it to operate on the previous settings you’d made. This way, you don’t need to keep changing its settings every time you want to operate it. Overall, if you’re looking for the best home ac units, the ECO12P is worth investing in. You can find the product here.

A Mini Guide To Central Air Conditioners And How They Work

Central air conditioners differ from your portable or window installed air conditioners in terms of their size and efficiency. Central ACs are usually larger and are designed to cool and dehumidify entire buildings.

The best air conditioning systems work more or less the same way. They draw in cool air from outside and distribute it indoors. At the same time, warm air from within the house is collected and directed outwards.

To achieve this, the central AC includes different parts like fans, compressor, refrigerant, piping/ducts, expansion device and evaporator coils. The refrigerant collects and releases heat and moisture from air as it moves along the piping.

Types Of Central Air Conditioners

The best central ac units are either split systems or packaged systems.

Split central air conditioners are comprised of two main units, (outdoor and indoor) connected by a network of pipes. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser and expansion valve while the indoor unit contains the evaporator coil.

Packaged central ACs on the other hand have all their components housed in a single unit that’s placed outside. Packaged central air conditioners come fitted with water or air cooled condensers.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Home Air Conditioning Systems

Energy Efficiency

A new central AC installation can see your monthly electricity bill rise significantly. Luckily for you, today’s air conditioners are being built to consume less energy while at the same time being highly efficient compared to older units. You can easily know your new air conditioners energy efficiency by looking at its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). A higher SEER rating indicates that the unit is highly energy efficient. In other instances where SEER and EER aren’t provided, you can check the cooling and heating capacity which is usually given in kW or BTU.

Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

Some of the best air conditioning units are quite difficult to install and maintain. Some of the factors that determine whether a unit is easy to install and maintain include its size, weight, features it has and whether it’s a split or packaged air conditioner. Packaged units are considered easier to install and maintain.

Ease Of Operation

The best residential ac units are designed to be easy to operate. Many of these appliances include well designed control panels and easy programmability which allows them to turn on and off depending on the settings you have chosen. Other features that make modern air conditioners easy to operate include variable fan speeds and remote control operation.

Brand And Warranty

Central air conditioners can be expensive to install and maintain. You’ll want to buy a unit from a reputable brand which offers a favourable warranty policy.

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