​3 Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews - The Top Rated Models In 20​20

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A hot and stuffy room is no-no, whether you’re trying to get some work done or relaxing. You’ll soon feel lethargic and clammy.

Luckily, the best portable air conditioner can fix that for you – wheel it into the room, plug it in and enjoy fresh cool air fast.

Our review and buying guide narrows down the list of efficient and highly performing ACs to make your purchase decision easier.

Best Portable Air Conditioners

Best Portable Air Conditioners Comparison Chart

Editors Choice
Oscillating 30 Inch Tower Fan By Pro Breeze
weight ​3.9 kg
Ideal for large sized rooms up to 45 sqm
Remote Control Portable Air Cooler By Igenix
weight ​6.45 kg
Ideal for small sized rooms up to 15 sqm
Large Portable Air Cooler For Home By Mylek
weight 8.8 Kg
Ideal for medium sized rooms up to 30 sqm

The 3 Best Portable Air Conditioners On The Market Reviewed

The best portable air conditioner is the Oscillating 30 Inch Tower Fan By Pro Breeze. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

For a cool and fresh room with your favourite scent filling the air, you need this Pro Breeze air conditioner. It will ensure your office is the perfect temperature to work. It will also keep your bedroom at ideal coolness during summer nights.

It is a high-quality, safe, and efficient device.

Standout Features

  • This model comes with a super powerful 60W motor with 70-degree automatic oscillation. It will cool a large room perfectly. It provides a normal, natural, and the sleep wind mode providing the option to cool your room to your preferred level.
  • Its innovative built-in aroma diffuser will circulate refreshing aromas in your room.
  • The appliance comes with three fan speeds: low, medium, and high performance. It comes with a built-in timer that automatically turns on and off in intervals of seven and a half hours, with a 30-minute increment.
  • You can adjust the settings from across a room using a non-complicated remote control.
  • It is slim and elegantly designed to sit in your living room or office without clashing with your décor or taking up too much space.
  • With a weight of 3.9 Kgs, the device is lightweight and portable.
Oscillating 30 Inch Tower Fan By Pro Breeze
  • It has a wireless remote control for easy control of the device’s settings.
  • The built-in timer provides energy efficiency.
  • Included is a long 1.6-meter cable for easy placement of the device in the best location.
  • Standing at 30 inches, this model is tall.
  • It makes a slight noise that would be distractive for a light sleeper.

Second place goes to the Remote Control Portable Air Cooler By Igenix. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

You will get all the comfort that comes with a cool breeze during summer with this portable Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler. It comes containing a powerful air cooler, humidifier and air cleaner to use in a small to medium sized room. There are no vents on the outside which cancels out the installation process.

With the LED display on top of the unit, you can easily read control the features. The unit has three different breeze settings that you fine-tune to get the desired breeze. Also, there is the fan function with 3 speed settings (low, medium, high) to allow intensive airflow. On it, there is a 7-hour timer that when set to operate, it runs uninterrupted from 1-7 hours. This is great for pre-cooling the room or putting the unit off when asleep.

Remote Control Portable Air Cooler By Igenix

The features on the unit will provide great performance and enable simple usage. First, there is a large handle and the unit of fitted with castor wheels to enable maneuverability. Then, there is a 6-liter water tank that can be removed when full to enhance performance. The closed front grilling is a barrier that keeps dust and impurities from getting inside. In addition to providing great convenience, you can operate this machine with the remote-control it comes with.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable
  • It is slightly loud

Third place goes to the Large Portable Air Cooler For Home By Mylek. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

You no longer have to dread summer with this portable and stylish air cooler. Your office and home will be more tolerable with the ever-efficient MYLEK model.It produces a natural-like, relaxing cool breeze that will make you not want to leave your house.

Standout Features

  • Its wide-angle adjustable louvers ensure that as much area as possible gets cool air.
  • This 65W power device has a ten-litre removable water tank and two ice packs. Its humidification function causes water to turn into vapour, producing cold air for maximum cooling of your space. Its oscillating function ensures maximum circulation of the cool breeze.
  • It has three speed settings, and three wind types. They enable you to set the temperatures in your space at an optimum level.
  • The device is easy to control. It comes with a clear LCD. It also provides the option to use face buttons or a simple-to-use remote. The appliance also features an eight-hour timer.
Large Portable Air Cooler For Home By Mylek
  • It comes with castor wheels for portability and lockable rear castors for stability. The model has a monochrome design that will fit in with your interior.
  • It measures 76cm x 38cm x 30cm, making it relatively small for a device with its cooling capability.
  • Its ionising function keeps the air around you clean.
  • The device is energy-efficient.
  • It is lightweight, and castor wheels mean you could move the device to any location in your house.
  • You need to constantly top the device with water to keep it functioning optimally.
  • It needs regular cleaning and changing the ice packs for maximum efficiency.

A Mini Guide To Central Air Conditioners And How They Work

With the extreme temperatures that sometimes occur in the UK, regulating the temperature in your house is vital. Many capable devices in the market can cool or warm your room, such as ceiling fans and an electric log burner. A bathroom extractor fan or small dehumidifier can also improve the quality of air in your house.

But an air conditioning unit is the most extensive. It can cool and dehumidify an entire house or building, unlike other devices that only cool the immediate space. It gets better if you include a wireless thermostat in your unit. Here is a guide to help you choose the best air conditioning unit for your house.

What You Need To Know

Central air conditioners differ from your portable or window installed air conditioners in terms of their size and efficiency. Central ACs are usually larger and are designed to cool and dehumidify entire buildings.

The best air conditioning unit systems work more or less the same way. They draw in cool air from outside and distribute it indoors.

At the same time, warm air from within the house is collected and directed outwards.

To achieve this, the central AC includes different parts like fans, compressor, refrigerant, piping/ducts, expansion device and evaporator coils. The refrigerant collects and releases heat and moisture from air as it moves along the piping.

Guide To Central Air Conditioners

Types Of Central Air Conditioners

The best central ac units are either split systems or packaged systems.

Split central air conditioners are comprised of two main units, (outdoor and indoor) connected by a network of pipes. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser and expansion valve while the indoor unit contains the evaporator coil.

Packaged central ACs on the other hand have all their components housed in a single unit that’s placed outside. Packaged central air conditioners come fitted with water or air cooled condensers.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Home Air Conditioning Systems

Energy Efficiency

A new central AC installation can see your monthly electricity bill rise significantly. Luckily for you, today’s air conditioners are being built to consume less energy while at the same time being highly efficient compared to older units. You can easily know your new air conditioners energy efficiency by looking at its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). A higher SEER rating indicates that the unit is highly energy efficient. In other instances where SEER and EER aren’t provided, you can check the cooling and heating capacity which is usually given in kW or BTU.

Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

Some of the best air conditioning units are quite difficult to install and maintain. Some of the factors that determine whether a unit is easy to install and maintain include its size, weight, features it has and whether it’s a split or packaged air conditioner. Packaged units are considered easier to install and maintain.

Ease Of Operation

The best residential ac units are designed to be easy to operate. Many of these appliances include well designed control panels and easy programmability which allows them to turn on and off depending on the settings you have chosen. Other features that make modern air conditioners easy to operate include variable fan speeds and remote control operation.

Brand And Warranty

Central air conditioners can be expensive to install and maintain. You’ll want to buy a unit from a reputable brand which offers a favourable warranty policy.

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